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Specialized AI agents in your favorite chat application!

Simplify your tasks with ease! Add any AI Agent you need to your contacts and get started right away. Whether it's transcription, translation, copywriting, or web search - our AI Agents have got you covered. Available through integrated messaging applications like Telegram and Slack. Also integrated with WhatsApp application.

Built with Meta Llama 3

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One task, one contact – with our WhatsApp integration.

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Use our AI Chat Agents that offer fast, conversational, and user-friendly help on chat platforms. Enhance your memory, translate text and audio, or refine your writing. Engage with your documents or simply make a quick web search.

Note: This service is not affiliated with or endorsed by WhatsApp.



You can dialogue with your documents via voice and text messages to analyze, compare, and extract valuable information. Our system allows you to upload your documents directly via chat for your convenience. If you prefer, you can also manage your documents seamlessly within the platform.

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Amplify your memory. Every time you have an idea for one of your projects, or simply see something you like or don't want to forget - like a bookmark or reference, just send it. You can retrieve it whenever required, organized how you need it.

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You'll be able to craft engaging copy quickly in a collaborative process with our AI, which includes over 20 templates tailored to the type of content you work with on a daily basis. Make us learn your style through samples or define the way we will interpret your voice.

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Experience unparalleled accuracy in text and audio translation with our ChatGPT-based solution for smooth communication. Eradicate language barriers in your chat application. Simply send translated audios! You can also translate documents!

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Just chat or send audio messages!

No need for an extra app!

Just use all our agents in Telegram and Slack, each as a separate contact. You'll always know they're the right ones for the job.

Note: This service is not affiliated with or endorsed by Telegram or Slack.



Access information, news, and Wikipedia details through efficient web searches, processed to deliver concise and accurate responses with embedded links. Obtain well-structured summaries and stay consistently informed.

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Stop wasting time listening to voice messages you don't want to hear. Optimize your valuable time by transcribing audios instead of listening to them. Summarize endless audios into simple paragraphs that you can read whenever you need to.

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Easy to Use!

How does it work?

With a straightforward one-time setup, you can quickly get started with your chat application. In just three simple steps, you'll be ready to go.

Step 1

Add your phone number or Telegram username.

Register your phone number, Telegram username, or Slack user ID.

Step 2

Add Our Agents to Your Contacts.

You can start using our agents by scanning the QR code. You can add more at any time through our dashboard.

Step 3

Start Chatting!

Just write to the sharpAgents contacts in your favorite chat application.

Start using our agents today!

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